To promote lacrosse to the youth of Milton, MA
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2022 USA Lacrosse RULES Girls Youth Rules Book
Current Master USA Rulebook; 2023 release is brief set of changes to 2022 rulebook. 2023 Rule Changes linked below.
2023 FGLL Rules Card for Games
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2023 USA Lacrosse RULES UPDATES Girls and Women's Lacrosse Rules
2023 Rule changes to 2022 Rule Book and FAQ with explanations on some of the most common rules.
All About Girls Lacrosse
WHY IS THE REF BLOWING THE WHISTLE AGAIN?? ;-) Lax is exploding with parents eager to enjoy watching their kids pick up this great sport... but feeling like they have no clue what's going on!! Check out this page to get a grasp of the game, the rules, and even scroll down for commonly used terms. It will help make watching or playing the game more enjoyable when you understand why the ref is blowing the whistle!!
Coaching Resources!!!
Video tutorials by skill and how to teach/learn each one - useful for coaches and players

Shooting Space Explained

Tips on The Draw

Videos of Lacrosse Drills
Stonehill Lacrosse Players showing some of the drills that Katie Conover has written up for MYL. Stonehill Women's Lacrosse Coach, Katie Conover is heavily involved with MYL and offers ongoing coaches support and training. (